The project, that we create is called  ” The Adventure of Potato Head”. This game is about a man, that has a head shaped like a potato, was lost on an unknown planet. Then, the man was trying to save his life and the way to save his own self is to run away from the creatures on that planet.

This game created by using Construct 2. This game is a game that has 4 levels and each level has different difficulties. The level also has a score, that makes this game much more like an arcade game.  The score will increase depends on how many coins you have collected. To play this game, You need to collect all key to open the dimension door to survive. The player only has 3 lives for hitting the creatures but not for falling into the cliff. When the player collecting the key, there will be so many traps and the player needs to think about how to face it. This game is so challenging to the player because this game is so hard and there is much thinking of reaching the doors.


  1. Klementinus Kennyvito Salim – 2201811391
  2. Wely Dharma Putra – 2201808365
  3. Winson Wardana – 2201798345

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